Electronic Waste (WEEE)

Fully compliant electric waste & recycling services.

New technology gets old after, what, five minutes? Luckily, we provide a fully compliant waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) clearance and recycling solution.

For those needing a responsible disposal option with an eco-friendly twist, in accordance with all UK and EU legislation (WEEE Regulations) choose us! Removals are performed by trained professionals and recycled at regulated WEEE recycling facilities.

Our WEEE clearance service removes computers, PC monitors, laptops, servers, fax-machines, copiers, scanners, printers, fridges, air-conditioning units, freezers, and hazardous waste such as fire extinguishers.

WEEE Remove…

Computers & Laptops

PC monitors & Printers



Copiers & Scanners

Fridges & Freezers

Air-conditioning units

Fire extinguishers

Let us know what items you need to remove and we will send you a quote.